Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Goodbye and Thank You Manchester!

As we say a final goodbye to Manchester lets take a look back at what some of the critics thought of Shrek's very special Princess:

Dean Chisnall and Faye Brookes, as Shrek and Princess Fiona, have a delightful chemistry and sensational voices, setting a superb standard for the full company.

Brookes especially revels in breaking the convention of leading lady perfection, with a brilliantly quirky portrayal.

The star of the show, undoubtedly, is Faye Brookes as Princess Fiona, with a performance full of life and humour.

From Lynda Baron, the object of Arkwwright's affections in Open All Hours to Matthew Kelly, Urmston has produced some fine actors over the years. 

After watching Shrek - The Musical you can now add the name of Faye Brookes, who plays Princess Fiona, the lovable ogre's love interest, to the list. 

Whether she's singing the incurably catchy score or having fun with our hero, this gifted actress is equally at home when it comes to comedy. She also has a potent chemistry with Dean Chisnall (Shrek) and this is particularly evident when they engage in, what is, to put it mildly, a competition with a difference.

And Dean Chisnall and Faye Brookes as Shrek and Fiona have a great on stage rapport for their cheeky courtship song 'I think I got you beat'. 

In fact Urmston actress Faye shines as Fiona, with breath-taking vocals and perfect comic timing she gives Dean a run for his money as the title character.

Princess Fiona played by Faye Brooks is brilliant, she oozes class in a very talented company, she is everything you want from a Fiona, witty, feisty and very funny. 

Her performance, from dance numbers to comedy skits is handled with real confidence and skill.

Playing the object of his affection, Princess Fiona, is Flixton born Faye Brookes who puts in a fine performance as the feisty Princess. 

Brookes is a triple threat performer who can sing, dance and act. 

She previously toured as Elle in Legally Blonde where she demonstrated some perfect comic timing and again she does so here, especially with Chisnall in the number I Think I Got You Beat- a modern day version of Anything You Can Do (complete with burping and twerking)!

And at the heart of the show are Shrek and Fiona (Dean Chisnall and Faye Brookes), he much annoyed by the invasion of his swamp by (beautifully done) fairytale characters, she much bossier and funnier than in the film - partly thanks to a strong script and mostly thanks to Brookes' terrifically understated delivery.

Faye Brookes is fantastic as Princess Fiona and has great chemistry with Dean Chisnall.

Former Knutsford schoolgirl Faye Brookes also excelled as Princess Fiona, with both providing perfect comic timing during their duet I Think I Got You Beat.

Faye Brookes sparkled from start to finish with stunning vocals and sensational acting.

Faye Brookes and Dean Chisnall were equally entertaining as the loveable grumpy ogre Shrek and his happy ever after Princess Fiona, who claims years of being locked in a tower like Rapunzel has affected her mental health, well it would wouldn’t it!

Faye Brookes is Princess Fiona and she is very very good; I was particularly impressed with the swift and seamless transformations during "I Know It's Today" which sees Princess Fiona transform from child, to teen, to woman.

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