Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beautiful Princess at the Palace!

After 6 weeks and over 50 performances Shrek tour's time at the Palace Theatre in Manchester finally came to an end on Sunday night.

It's been an incredible run which has entertained over 120,000 mancunians over the festive season.

I was there for the final show and there wasn't a spare seat in the house. As you can tell from my tweets I had Shrek-tacular time.

After the show I caught up with Faye at the stage door.

We had a lovely chat about Christmas and she thanked me for my present which I'd given her when I saw her back in December.

I'm delighted she seemed to be genuinely over the moon with the gift because it's always a little tricky trying to buy for someone you care so much about but maybe don't know as well as a close friend or family member.

As a fan, knowing Faye liked the present & appreciated the gesture really made my day.

We talked a bit about her week off and how every cast member is definitely ready for a break after their tiring schedule over the festive season.

Faye said she hoping to go away for a few days for some well earned rest and recuperation. Hopefully she'll have a lovely holiday, she's certainly earned it.

She's probably jetting off to warmer climes because when she gets back she'll be heading to Aberdeen in northern Scotland for the next leg of the Shrek tour.

Temperatures up there rarely get above freezing this time of year and there is often heavy snowfall and strong coastal winds so she'll definitely need to wrap up warm.

Hopefully the highland beasty I gave her will look after her and bring her more luck than the leprechaun did in Ireland.

My only regret from yesterday is that I didn't take my camera to the stage door because Faye was looking breathtakingly beautiful and I wasn't able to get a picture. I won't be making that mistake again.

Eventually I had to let her go and start my long trip back to Bristol.

Unfortunately traffic was very heavy due to the big match at Old Trafford but I finally got home just after midnight, still buzzing after watching another magical performance from my favourite leading lady.

Check back tomorrow for a special post featuring a collection of snippets from Manchester Shrek reviews where critics and fans wax lyrical about Faye's remarkable performances as Princess Fiona during the shows stay at the Palace Theatre..

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