Friday, 16 January 2015

Sarah O'Brien With Princess Fiona!

Check out this lovely picture of Faye in full Princess Fiona costume with Sarah O'Brien one of the marvellous dressers who worked on Shrek the Muscial during the shows stay at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.

There are so many wonderful people behind the scenes on a show like Shrek who don't really get the recognition they deserve for their fantastic work.

Dressers like Sarah are stagehands who are involved with maintaining costume quality at every performance. They are responsible for dressing the actors and ensuring they walk on stage in their full and proper costume. They also assist with any costume changes throughout the performance.

If you've seen Shrek the Muscial UK Tour you'll already know they do an incredible job.

Many thanks to Sarah for allowing us to feature this beautiful picture of her and Faye which was taken on Shrek's final day at the Palace last Sunday.

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