Sunday, 10 February 2013

Questions For Faye - #14

Earlier this week Faye tweeted:

@Faye_Brookes Happy x

I was at a football match watching Bristol Rovers play Cheltenham at the time and just minutes after that tweet I too was happy because we equalized with the last kick of the game :-)

Here is the next Question For Faye:

Question #14
I see from Twitter that you like cooking, would you ever consider going on a show like Celebrity Masterchef?

Faye's Answer
I do really love to cook and bake. However, I don't think I could cope with all the stress of the live cooking show.

See, she is the perfect lady, all that talent AND she can cook :-)

I'm not great in the kitchen myself but I do enjoy watching Masterchef. I agree with Faye though, I'm not sure how the competitors cope with the stress. Having to cook exotic dishes and present them perfectly in a very limited time while being watched and judged by professionals must be terrifying; and that's before you consider it will be shown on TV to an audience of millions. SCARY

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