Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Questions For Faye - #13

As promised it's the return of our 'Questions For Faye' series of posts.

The first 12 were Legally Blonde related but the remaining questions are a bit more general, allowing you to get to know this wonderful lady a little better.

Question #13
Would you ever consider going on a Andrew Lloyd Webber type TV talent show if they were looking for someone for your dream role?

Faye's Answer
Yes, definitely. What a great opportunity that could be.

If you have talent - and Faye definitely has talent - then these shows can be an excellent spring board.

The best person doesn't always win but it really doesn't matter because if you're good enough - and Faye is definitely good enough - opportunities will follow.

There are countless examples but the two that spring to mind are Rachel Tucker and Samantha Barks whose careers have taken off since finishing 4th and 3rd in the 'I'd Do Anything' show where they were looking for a new Nancy. Eventually won by Jodie Prenger.

I would love to see Faye on one of these shows but I dread to think what my phone bill would be come the end of it.

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