Monday, 5 November 2012

Questions For Faye - #5

Before we get on to Question #5 I want to wish Faye luck for the Sleeping Beauty rehearsals that start next week.

@Faye_Brookes One week today and the magical cast of Sleeping Beauty will begin their rehearsals... Excited? 

You could say Faye has been practising for this part all her life. She's been a fine sleeper since an early age : -)

I'm sure the whole cast will have a blast and it will be a thoroughly entertaining show. I'm looking forward to seeing it in December and January.

Right, on to the next of our Questions For Faye.

Question 5
Will you get to keep an audio CD or DVD of any Legally Blonde Tour performance so as you can look back on your incredible time as little Miss Woods, Elle?

Faye's Answer
No, unfortunately not. The production team will always keep the recordings.

That's a real shame but thankfully there are a few sneaky souls who recorded parts of the show and uploaded them to YouTube for us all to enjoy.

We of course feature them here on the blog quite regularly : -)

In my opinion these shows are overly strict. Watching videos or listenning to audio recording of great shows like the Legally Blonde Tour only make me want to see the real thing even more.

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