Sunday, 4 November 2012

Questions For Faye - #4

I know, I know, I promised you the forth instalment of Questions For Faye yesterday but unfortunately I got waylaid drowning my sorrows after another Bristol Rovers defeat.

Anyway, I'm back, sober and ready for round 4.

Question 4
Will you get to keep any of Elle's clothes when the Legally Blonde Tour is over and which would you like in your wardrobe?

Faye's Answer
I'm keeping the Bunny Outfit and all of my shoes !!

I'm sure we're all delighted that Faye is keeping the bunny outfit : -)  Trust me when I say nobody wears it better.

Unfortunately I don't think it will feature in Sleeping Beauty.

As for the shoes, I think Vivienne says it best:

But I see a star
You're my new muse
You've got the best freakin' shoes!
And you lit a fuse
So go show them who's
Legally Blonde!

Faye actually managed to look great in every one of the outfits she wore during the show. Whether it was the dresses, bunny outfit, pink tracksuit or just jeans and a t-shirt, Faye looked incredible.

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