Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Questions For Faye - #6

I'm a day late again I know. I spent last night freezing my butt off watching Bristol Rovers lose their forth consecutive game; this time to Southend.

I know a certain Lewis Griffiths (UPS Guy in Legally Blonde) will be very happy with that result.

Anyway, you don't want to hear about football, you're here for Faye, so I'll get right on with the next question.

Question 6
If the Legally Blonde Tour came back or it returned to the West End would you ever consider taking on the role of Elle Woods again?

Faye's Answer
Without a doubt !!

Short and sweet but exactly what I wanted to hear. Just to know there's a possibility, no matter how slim, gives us hope.

They couldn't find anyone better that's for sure.

Having said all that, Faye has the talent to play so many roles and whatever part comes next I know she'll be as captivating as ever.

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