Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Follow From Faye Would Make My Day

I was listenning to some LB tracks last night and when it I got to 'Find My Way' the following lyrics sort of popped into my head. I can't share them with Faye via Twitter - too many characters - so I thought I'd post them here. Not going to win any prizes I know but surely worth an A for effort : -)

Our Malibu Sweetheart,
She showed us how to dance
How blonde can still mean smart;
I have to find a way.

I know that she's concerned;
Her trust I have to earn.
But even if I crash & burn 10 times a day

I have to find a way.
To get a follow from Faye.

It would mean a lot to get a follow from Faye. Just to be able to send a direct message on Twitter would be useful if there was ever anything I needed to ask. Particularly if her career takes her over the pond to America.

I also run a blog for the amazing Rachel Tucker who plays Elphaba in Wicked. She follows me on Twitter and I also have her personal email which of course I haven't shared with anyone. In fact I've probably only contacted her about 10 times in 5 years but it's great just to have the option.


Regardless, this fan blog is here to stay and I will always support this incredible lady. She is mind-blowingly talented and a truly lovely person but if you're reading this Faye, any chance of that follow. It really would make my day.

Don't forget you can always unfollow should you ever wish to do so : -)


Also just wanted to mention I'm going away for a week from tomorrow and probably wont be able to update the blog again until Monday 29th October.

When I get back it will be time to post the second Legally Blonde UK Tour track I found on YouTube, Serious.

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