Monday, 22 October 2012


My re-write of 'Find My Way' was never likely to win any awards but I've actually ended up with the best prize of all. Faye Brookes now follows me on Twitter : )

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my, Oh my, Oh my, 
Oh my God! Omigod you guys.
I've just had a superb surprise.
If there ever was a perfect woman
Faye Brookes qualifies.

And now she follows me.
My God.
She really follows me.
You Guys.
I've finally got my prize.

If there ever was a perfect woman,
Faye Brookes qualifies.

Thanks SO MUCH for the follow Faye, really does mean the world to me : )


Just a reminder that I'm going away tomorrow for a week so wont be able to update the blog again until Monday 29th October.

However there are plenty of exciting posts planned for November, more Legally Blonde UK Tour tracks, the build up to Sleeping Beauty and maybe a surprise as well :- )

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