Monday, 1 June 2015

Theatreworld Shrek Review

I've arrived home after a wonderful weekend in South Yorkshire.

I have a pretty busy week but I hope to have a full write up about my trip to The Lyceum to see Faye on the blog by Wednesday or Thursday.

In the meantime here is another great review of the show written by Paul and Sam Whitfield for Theatreworld Magazine:


SHREK THE MUSICAL is the theatrical spin-off from the highly successful SHREK film franchise featuring the big green ogre. Grumpy, rude but warm-hearted Shrek has become an iconic character in popular culture. Can the musical continue the witty, clever, inventive spirit of the films, or is it merely a cynical commercial cash-in? 

Worry not! SHREK THE MUSICAL is a hugely enjoyable, theatrically imaginative, skilfully performed piece of family entertainment. Plenty of farting, plenty of rudeness, a great sense of humour and a big heart. We thoroughly enjoyed it. 

 SHREK THE MUSICAL broadly follows the story of the first film as Shrek battles to save his swamp, meets Princess Fiona for the first time and helps a host of fairy-tale characters escape the wrath of the evil Lord Farquaad. There are plenty of songs and some excellent dance sequences. The large cast work brilliantly together, alongside the excellent orchestra (led by DAVE ROSE). The production values are high and there are some spectacular moments (not least the stage-filling puppet dragon – her song gorgeously voiced by CANDACE FURBERT). 

The cast are very strong. DEAN CHISNALL is a loveable Shrek with a great singing voice. He works well with IDRISS KARGBO’s energetic and athletic Donkey. 

FAYE BROOKES is a feisty, no-nonsense Fiona. Her singing is great and her comic timing excellent. 

GERARD CAREY is a show-stealing Lord Farquaad. His movement skills are stunning and his facial expressions delightfully comic. 

SHREK THE MUSICAL really is an excellent evening of totally enjoyable entertainment. Thoroughly recommended.

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