Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My Shrek Tour Day in Sheffield

You'll have to excuse me if I start repeating some of the things I've said in my other Shrek Tour write up's. I have after all now seen the show 14 times :)

My latest trip on Saturday 30th May took me to The Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield.

I'd contacted Faye last week to see whether it would be more convenient for us to catch up before or after the show. On this occasion she said she'd prefer to meet between the matinee and evening performance at about 6:15pm.

I'm incredibly grateful that despite being extremely busy Faye always finds the time to meet for a chat so I'm very happy to fit in with whenever suits her best.

It's just under two hundred miles from my house near Bristol to Sheffield which should take about three and half hours if you don't encounter any hold ups.

However, knowing I was meeting Faye before the show I didn't want to risk being late so I set off just before midday.

Traffic was heavy but there were no major problems so even after a couple of tea stops on route I arrived in Sheffield in plenty of time.

I decided it would be a good idea to get to the stage door for about 6pm and message Faye to let her know I'd arrived; telling her I didn't mind waiting and to just pop out whenever she had a few minutes to spare.

However, no sooner had I got my phone out my pocket than I heard a voice from behind saying "Hold on Andy, no need to tweet. I'm right here."

I'd recognise that voice anywhere, it was Faye.

She certainly caught me on the hop. I'm not sure whether I looked shocked, excited or as if I was about to faint; I definitely felt all three.

Faye had just made it back to the theatre after nipping out to grab a bite to eat and a cup of tea at Starbucks.

I don't have the best memory so I often take a few notes to help remind me of things I'd like to ask and I normally go over them as I wait for Faye outside the stage door. With her arriving early I didn't have chance to look at them this time but luckily I somehow managed to remember most of what I wanted to say.

I now have another treasured photo to add to my collection. As you can see from the picture at the top of the post Faye looked absolutely stunning. She really is as beautiful as she is talented, and in my opinion her talent is unequalled.

We didn't take a selfie this time, Faye asked a friend / colleague who was standing nearby to take the shot. I think her name was Amy and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her because I was in a bit of a Faye daze on the day and may have forgotten.

It was great to see Faye looking so well as she was suffering with tonsillitis and a subsequent illness a few weeks ago. Hopefully that's all behind her now.

She said that apart from being a little tired she's back to full health, which I was relieved and delighted to hear.

She's a very busy bee at the moment, working on Shrek and also auditioning for parts in all sorts of exciting shows. I can't give out any details about potential roles but I know someone as talented as Faye is unlikely to be out of work for long. I'm sure her next dream role is just around the corner.

Any show - TV or Stage - would be very lucky to have her.

The picture below was taken in Iceland where Faye and Gareth spent a wonderful few days a couple of weeks ago.

She said it was the perfect holiday and just what they both needed, a relaxing break where they could just switch off and enjoy each others company. She said it's a spectacular country that she'd love to visit again someday.

As there are evening trains to Manchester Faye has decided to commute. Apparently the journey takes about an hour so she doesn't get in much before midnight, but there's no place like home and it's a rare opportunity for her to sleep in her own bed.

She has two now of course, one in Manchester and one in London. :)

She told me there were train strikes scheduled for this week and that she hoped her very kind brother Jack might be her chauffeur if the need arises. Thankfully those strikes have now been cancelled. The powers that be obviously decided they couldn't leave a Princess stranded in Sheffield.

Before we said goodbye there was just time for me to give her a little gift I brought back from my recent holiday in Cornwall.

Then, after a quick hug, I wished her well for the show and went to take my seat in the stalls.

I know I've said this before but she really is one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet and I feel very lucky to know her.

Shrek the Musical is two and half hours of non stop fun. It's the perfect night out for all the family, a fantastic modern fairytale story brought to life by a sensational cast.

This was the fourteenth time I'd seen it and I loved it every bit as much as the first.

Last time I was at the Lyceum Faye stole the show as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and she did it again as Princess Fiona in Shrek.

I enjoyed watching Britains Got Talent last week but nobody on that show compares to Faye Brookes who was simply out of this world on Saturday.

Having the opportunity to see someone as talented as Faye perform is a real privilege.

I'm already looking forward to my next trip to the swamp in Norwich at the end of June but it will be a little bittersweet because it's Faye's final stop on the tour and therefore my last visit to Duloc. However, I know there are more exciting times ahead for this very special actress and I can't wait to see what comes next.

I simply can't thank Faye enough for being so lovely at stage door. Chatting with my favourite leading lady is always the highlight of my day.

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