Monday, 25 May 2015

Faye's Shrek Questions - Part 4

Faye is now back from her relaxing break in Iceland with Gareth but is still enjoying her time off and on Saturday took the opportunity to see a West End show.

She visited the Prince Edward theatre to see friends Siobhan Dillon and Jon Reynolds in Miss Saigon. Must have made a nice change to be on the other side of the curtain.

She'll be back on stage this week at the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield but first lets take a look at her answers to Part 4 of the Shrek questions she answered for the blog.

Here Faye tells us how the character of Princess Fiona compares to her own, what surprised her about the show and just how scary it is to forget your lines on stage: 

Shrek Question #10
How would you describe Princess Fiona and how does her character compare to your own?

Faye's Answer
Fiona and I naturally share the same kind of dry wit, which makes her a joy to play every day! 

I wouldn't say I bare any 'Bi-Polar' tendencies like Fiona but I have been known to put my guard up when I don't trust someone.

If you're lucky enough to have met Faye then you'll probably know she has a beautiful personality and the same could be said for Fiona once you peel away a couple of layers :)

Shrek Question #11
I think I'm right in saying you hadn’t seen Shrek the Musical prior to taking the role, is the show and the role of Fiona everything you expected? Were there any surprises?

Faye's Answer
YES. How about not knowing the part where I turn GREEN! 

That was a real surprise. I didn't have a clue up until we had finished 4 weeks of rehearsals and arrived in Leeds. 

We had to Tech the quick change less than a week before the previews... 

It was a blur but an attack of green paint by two make up artists, two dressers, two wiggies and a sound technician on stand by with a torch and I had completed the Princess Fiona transformation!
Must have been quite a surprise!

The green make up goes on in seconds but I'm sure it must take Faye quite a bit longer to wash it all off after the show.

Shrek Question #12
I’m guessing every actor or actress has forgotten their words at some point. Has it happened to you on the Shrek tour? If so, at which point in the show did it happen and how did you deal with it?

Faye's Answer
I always second guess myself. That's the danger when we all know the show so well. And it's also why our job is so demanding, you always have to be on your 'A' game. 

I had a moment the other week where myself, Dean (Shrek) and Idriss (Donkey) were onstage in act two after our 'air guitar' moment and I went to say my line. Nothing. I froze.... 

It's the worse thing to happen to an actor. Dean saved the day, he skipped everyone's lines and led us into the next part of the scene where Donkey then stole the show with "You Gotta Make A Move". 

I was Crimson with embarrassment but I had to shake it off and continue telling the story hoping that the audience hadn't noticed a thing?!!!

I've never been at a show where Faye forget her words but it's one of those things that does happen to every actor from time to time.

I remember during one performance Dean (Shrek) got his words a little mixed up and said to Donkey that he was off to slay the Princess and rescue the dragon. :)

However, the cast of this great show are so talented and professional they just carried on like nothing had happened and I honestly don't think anyone noticed.

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