Thursday, 21 May 2015

Faye's Shrek Questions - Part 3

As promised here is Part 3 of the Shrek questions Faye answered for the blog.

Here Faye discusses the similarities and differences between Elle Woods and Fiona, how much input she's allowed into the way she portrays the character of the fiesty but slightly bi-polar Princess, and what is her favourite part of the show.

Shrek Question #7
How much input are you allowed into the way you portray the character of Princess Fiona?

Faye's Answer
I feel really honoured to have had the opportunity to take on this beautifully complex and interesting character.

Nigel Harman has been so very generous with his direction, giving me permission to simply have fun, play and discover every layer to Princess Fiona as long as there is truth.

Nigel probably realised very early on that Faye is a special actress who would bring the character to life and portray Fiona so perfectly that it's now impossible to imagine anyone else in the role.

Shrek Question #8
What’s your favourite part of the show and why?

Faye's Answer
My favourite part of the show has to be the scene when Shrek enters Princess Fiona's tower for the first time. 

There is so much happening in this scene: 

Lots of dialogue between Shrek, Fiona and Donkey. A huge musical moment for the orchestra narrating the entire Dragon chase, crazy pieces of set changing and all the while I'm still singing "This is how a dream comes true".

Phew! I'm even out of breathe just talking about it.

That really is an amazing scene and it's somewhat miraculous that Faye still delivers such a stunning vocal performance with so much going on around her.

Shrek Question #9
How does playing Princess Fiona compare – both physically and vocally - to the other roles you’ve played, particularly Elle Woods? Is it a very different part to act to your other roles or are there similarities?

Faye's Answer
They are both VERY different characters but at the same time both brilliantly beautiful inside and out.

Elle woods was definitely a demanding role as I never really left the stage. The whole show was about her so I always had to be on my front foot.

Where as with Princess Fiona, she is a part of Shrek's story so the show doesn't really evolve around her presence.

Don't get wrong, when she is on stage you'll know it! Her sass and confidence is very inspiring!

Both characters wear their hearts on their sleeve, as do I, so I completely empathise with their vulnerabilities.

Elle Woods and Princess Fiona are two of the best but also most demanding female roles in musical theatre and thanks to Faye's wonderful performances, I've fallen in love with them both.

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