Friday, 8 May 2015

Faye's Shrek Questions - Part 2

Later today I'm heading off for my first break of the year to Cornwall. I'll be gone for about a week before travelling to London next weekend to watch Bristol Rovers play off final match with Grimsby at Wembley Stadium.

Unfortunately that probably means I won't be able to update the blog for about 10 days but if there is any Faye related news I will do my best to keep you updated on Twitter.

Before I depart I thought I'd leave you with 'Part 2' of the Shrek questions Faye very kindly answered for the blog.

Here Faye tells us how she perfected the 'Morning Person' tap routine, that regardless what mishaps happens on stage 'the show must go on' and what tweaks she's made to her performance since the show started last July. 

Shrek Question #4
Had you done any tap dancing prior to Shrek and how did you perfect the 'Morning Person' tap routine?

Faye's Answer
Tap has always been a very popular style of dance and is used in the majority of Musical Theatre shows.

I was a late bloomer, my lessons were incorporated into my training at Drama School. When it came to tackling the infamous 'Rat Tap' I had to perfect it without any of my rats first! The choreographer, Pip Gordon gave me one on one tuition, once all the moves were in place I was ready for the sequinned hot pants!

Maybe because Faye is such a sensational actress and has such a stunning voice, her brilliant step perfect dancing is sometimes overlooked. Not by me though. How can you overlook a routine where Faye wears sequinned hot pants?

Shrek Question #5
I believe you had a wardrobe malfunction in Leeds on press night while performing ‘I Think I Got You Beat’. How did you deal with that and have you had any other clothing issues during the tour?

Faye's Answer
If ever there's a Wardobe malfunction, the old saying still remains true ...! "The Show Must Go On" 

That particular performance of "I think I Got You Beat" was a rather exposing experience for me although I think it's safe to say that the audience LOVED it. It's what Live Theatre is all about!
Despite being young, Faye is a seasoned performer and knows exactly how best to handle any mishaps that take place.

I'm sure on this occasion the audience weren't complaining about having the opportunity to see a little more of Faye than they expected ;)

Shrek Question #6
I know from a recent interview and from watching the show that your portrayal of Fiona is constantly evolving. Can you name something that you’ve changed in your performance since the show started last July?

Faye's Answer
Princess Fiona hears the voice of her Hero climbing the tower. 

My reaction to his arrival changes all the time... 

It's Pure joy and elation, sometimes I can't contain how excited I am, who knows what will come out?!

I can certainly vouch for this. I've watched the show 13 times and have seen Faye perform many different but equally brialliant reactions to be rescued from her tower.

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