Monday, 4 May 2015

Faye's Shrek Questions - Part 1

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, despite being very busy Faye very kindly answered 15 questions I sent her about Shrek the Musical and her role as Princess Fiona.

Below is her first set of answers where she tells us how she struggles to contain her laughter when Farquaard is on stage, that Dean / Shrek would never drop the Princess and how each show is an emotional rollercoaster.

Shrek Question #1
What do you think is the funniest part of the show. Is there any particular part of the show when you always struggle to contain your giggles and have you ever been unable to control your laughter on stage?

Faye's Answer
The script is so well written that all of the comedic moments that you see as an audience are forever changing, the writers give us so much to work with already that as actors we just get to play. 

Not one show is ever the same but of course there are moments when I struggle to contain my laughter! Every day that Lord Farquaard dismounts his horse & takes a knee to propose to Princess Fiona would be one, let's just say that Gerard Carey is a very clever actor!

I have to agree with Faye about Gerard Carey who plays Lord Farquaard. The man is a genius. I can give him no bigger compliment than to say when it comes to comedic timing and facial expressions he's nearly as good as Faye.

Shrek Question #2
Has Dean ever come close to dropping you when Shrek rescues Fiona from the tower and charges around the stage with you over his shoulder? Also, how hard is it to continue singing when you’re being carried around?

Faye's Answer
Never would Dean drop me, maybe his sword once or twice but he has been given an order to rescue the Princess from her tower & he lets me know that he intends to complete that task. 

Singing "This is How A Dream Comes True" whilst hanging off Shrek's shoulder is rather difficult but it's something I've got used to. Practise makes perfect!
Good to know Dean is a safe pair of hands and amazing how Faye sings nearly as perfectly while hanging upside down off Shrek's shoulder.

Shrek Question #3
Is the show tough physically? I’m guessing the tap routine is the most tiring part? Is it difficult to get your breath back going straight from ‘Morning Person’ into ‘I Think I Got You Beat’?

Faye's Answer
The whole show takes me on such an emotional roller coaster that at the end of each performance I feel physically AND mentally drained. 

However, after 4 weeks of rehearsals & 11 months of practise I've figured out when is best to take a breathe.

The beginning to Act 2 is my favourite part of the show but must be quite exhausting for Faye.

It starts with 'Morning Person' where Faye gets to show off her brilliant vocals and step perfect dancing, and is quickly followed by 'I Think I've Got You Beat' which really showcases her fantastic comedic acting.

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