Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tamworth Herald Shrek Review

Have you ever had that thing where if you breath in too far you get an acute pain in your chest? It usually only lasts a couple of minutes and then you find you can breath normally again.

I had that for over 5 hours on last Friday and I've been a little breathless ever since. I went to the doctors and he sent me for a chest x-ray as a precaution.

I haven't seen him to go through the results yet but thankfully the nurse who did the x-ray said she couldn't see anything seriously wrong.

Maybe it's too be expected after watching Faye perform on so many occasions. I have after all commented many times on how breathtaking she is, both on and off stage.

Time for the latest Shrek the Musical review now. This one was written by Elise Chamberlain for the 'Tamworth Herald':

Tamworth Herald - Shrek the Musical Review:

IT'S official, I'm a believer!

Shrek the Musical's cult anthem featuring the entire cast rocking around the stage was the perfect end to a brilliant performance at the Birmingham Hippodrome last night (April 1).

Loveable characters, visually stunning costumes and props, and outstanding music – Shrek the Musical has it all.

Having really enjoyed the films, based on the book by William Steig, I wondered how well the story would transfer on to the stage.

The addition of great music by Jeanine Tesori, colourful and cleverly-designed costumes and an enormous, flirtatious puppet dragon controlled by multiple puppeteers brought the heart-warming story to life on a whole new scale.

The tale of Shrek the ogre setting off on a mission to rescue Princess Fiona from a dragon-guarded tower and return her to the Lord Farquaad is well-known to most for its alternative take on a traditional fairytale.

But the stage production goes beyond that, delving into the lives of the main stars in more depth and offering the audience a behind-the-scenes look into why they are the way they are.

Add in to the mix an exploding bird, inflatable reindeer, tapping rats and plenty of adult humour and you a fun and flamboyant show for all the family to enjoy.

Dean Chisnall was excellent as Shrek – what a voice! He brilliantly captured Shrek's aggression, kind-hearted nature and vulnerability in equal measures, really wowing in songs like Big Bright Beautiful World and Who I'd Be.

His sidekick Idriss Kargbo complemented him perfectly as Donkey, bringing immense energy to the role as well as fantastic facial expressions that kept the audience entertained.

Faye Brookes was outstanding as Princess Fiona, the classic fairytale princess with a refreshing hint of sarcasm and anger. To my delight, her powerful voice was given room to shine in numbers like I Know It's Today and Morning Person.

The brightest star of the night though was Gerard Carey, who played Lord Farquaad. He was, quite simply, brilliant.

It can't be easy to spend an entire production shuffling, dancing and leaping around the stage on your knees, but Carey made it look effortless - all the while plastering comical expressions across his face, engaging with the audience and leaving them roaring with laughter.

Sterling support came from a stellar cast of fairytale creatures, with Will Haswell (Pinocchio) and Candace Furbert (voice of the Dragon) particularly shining.

This is a wonderful family-friendly production for children and adults alike to enjoy - a true theatrical and musical gem!

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