Thursday, 16 April 2015

Gareth's Proud of his Girl

Faye has been super busy since she arrived in Birmingham. The local press seem to realise they have stage royalty in town and they all want a chat with Shreks Princess.

This latest article from the Birmingham Mail talks about Gareth and how proud he is of his beautiful and very talented girlfriend. Despite a busy schedule himself he's been to every destination on the Shrek Tour to support and spend time with Faye.

Gareth Visits Faye in Birmingham 

It’s the show to make any musical star green with envy – especially Gareth Gates.

He has been in the audience at Birmingham Hippodrome, watching his girlfriend turn into a green ogre in Shrek.

But he’s delighted for Faye Brookes rather than jealous of her success.

He came to see her in Shrek The Musical with several members of his family, who all live in Birmingham.

Faye, who plays Princess Fiona, said before the show opened at the Hippodrome: “I’m from Manchester and Gareth is from Bradford, but his father Paul is from Birmingham.

“It always surprises me when I visit them what a strong Brummie accent he has. I love it."

“Gareth has a lot of cousins and family in Birmingham and they are all coming to see Shrek with him. He will be bringing all the clan."

“We are both very close to our families and that’s important to me.”

Gareth, 30, has found fame after Pop Idol (and joining The Big Reunion with 5th Story) in musicals like Les Miserables, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Boogie Nights and Legally Blonde, the show on which he met Faye.

Talking about her role as Princess Fiona, Faye admits: “I don’t like changing into the ogre, I have to say."

“I’m glad I’m not green for too long. The first time I saw myself as an ogre, I burst into tears!"

“I prefer being a Princess. What girl doesn’t want to wear a gorgeous dress made for her? I feel like Maid Marian in it."

“She’s so sassy and confident. As an ogre she is much more insecure."

“I too have a shell that I protect myself with, I’m not as thick skinned as Fiona.”

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