Monday, 17 November 2014

My Oxford Shrek Day!

Love the above picture. Faye looks positively radiant. 

Oxford is only a 200 mile round trip from my home near Bristol so I didn't have to leave too early for my planned meeting with Faye at 4:45pm yesterday.

Still, I didn't want to be late so I set off at 1:00pm and was parked up not far from the theatre with an hour to spare.

We'd arranged to meet prior to the show - which started at 5:30pm - because she is commuting to Oxford from her London apartment and would have to rush off after to catch the last train.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, it wasn't possible for her to come to the stage door in the end. There was a lot going on with the show because Leo Roberts was standing in as Shrek and she was needed at work. The production team are working the cast extremely hard and with barely an hour between shows there simply wasn't time.

Anyone who goes to see this wonderful show probably doesn't realise just how much hard work goes into the fantastic spectacle you see on stage. The entire cast really are doing an incredible job because however tired they may feel their performance levels never dip. They always are and were again, sensational. None more so than Faye.

Despite a hard week Faye absolutely sparkled throughout. A truly awe-inspiring performance from start to finish. She really is an exceptional actress and a true professional who never fails to deliver.

The word special is often overused but it certainly applies to Faye.

After the performance I often listen to audience members discussing the show in the foyer. Yesterday almost all were talking about the the excellent cast and Faye's name - well Princess Fiona - was mentioned on countless occasions as being particularly impressive.

Every time I'm lucky enough to see her perform I become more and more astounded by her talent.

Her acting as I've mentioned a thousand times is so sensational, so brilliantly expressive that there are no words to do it justice and she really does have the most beautiful, breathtaking voice I've ever heard. She was simply born to be on stage.

The role of Princess Fiona is made for someone with her all round talent and it's an absolute fact that no one could play it better than Faye Brookes.

The show yesterday was every bit as fantastic as I remember from my previous 6 visits to the swamp. It's one of those rare shows you never tire of seeing. The funny sections actually get funnier the more you see them and you always come away with a huge smile on your face. It's a feel good show for all the family.

I'm already looking forward to my next Shrek adventure in Manchester Sunday 14th December. Hopefully I'll have chance to catch up with Faye and give her a Christmas present to thank her for another memorable year of on stage magic.

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