Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Lovely 'Our Zoo' Memento For Faye!

As you all know Faye recently starred in the hit BBC period drama Our Zoo and this afternoon she received a wonderful gift from the daughter of the founder of Chester Zoo, June Mottershead.

A signed copy of the official book of which she is the author, with a lovely message thanking Faye for her fantastic performance as Frankie in the TV show.

It's such a kind and thoughtful gesture from June and it's clearly made Faye's day.

Below is a snippet from one of many 5 star reviews on Amazon where you can pick up a copy for a bargain price of just £9.

"This book has a magical feel to it not only do we hear a first person account of the different troubles that the family and the zoo faced, we find out all about the animals that were on the journey along side them. We get to know June, her family and friends (human and animal). It did not feel like I was reading a book but sitting snuggled up listening to a grandparent telling me stories from their childhood. A wonderful feeling that I can honestly say a book has never ever gave me before."


Don't forget you can also relive every magical moment from Series One of Our Zoo with the official BBC DVD for a measly £13.99.

Both would make fantastic stocking fillers. Just think, you could have somebody's Christmas gift sorted for less than £24.


This reviewer on Amazon described it as the best drama of the year.

"Superb drama. Terrific casting and performances by all. Production values of the highest quality - costume, make-up, production design, editing, cameras and lighting...and very nice and natural direction. A real treat - it is a shame it had to come to an end. Congratulations to all involved and thank you for getting some quality back on our tvs. A charming story beautifully told."

I'd go one step further and say it's one of the greatest TV drama's of all time.

I'm praying this amazing show gets the second series it deserves. Quite frankly it would be an absolute travesty if it doesn't.

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