Monday, 20 January 2014

A Perfect Day In Manchester !!

It had been a hard few days for me leading up to my trip to Manchester to see the final show of 'That Day We Sang'.

Work had been stressful but my main concern had been for my dog Max who had been staying at the veterinary hospital with suspected stomach cancer. Thankfully the exploratory operation came back clear and he seems much better but we have to wait for the biopsy results before we'll know the final diagnosis.

I needed something to lift my spirirts and the opportunity to see Faye in Victoria Woods brilliant play for the second time helped get me through the week.

However, what really made my day and for a few minutes at least made me completely forget all my worries, was my chat with Faye.

We'd arranged to meet inside the Royal Exchange at 6:30pm. I got there a little early but I didn't have to wait long before she came out and gave me a big hug.

I know how busy she is and that she had a show to prepare for so I thought she might just have time for a quick hello but we chatted for what must have been nearly 20 minutes.

When you're talking to someone you admire as much as I do Faye you have a million thoughts spinning round in your head so come the end you feel a little dizzy and retaining the finer details of what you've discussed isn't that easy but I'll give it a go.

We obviously talked about 'That Day We Sang'. Faye explained how much she enjoyed playing her part in such a fabulous play at one of the UK's most iconic theatre's and how great it was to work with such a wonderfully gifted cast. She also praised Victoria Wood, saying that her brilliant script made every cast member feel important and an integral part of the show.

We also discussed other shows and potential roles. I even found out she's a fan of Jersey Boys which is currrently my favourite West End show. She once auditioned for one of the lead female roles but unfortunately on that occasion missed out. Needless to say it's a highly competitive business and nobody gets every role they audition for.

She has of course worked in London playing the roles of Frenchy and Sandy in the hit musical Grease and she's hoping that further opportunities to perform in the West End are just around the corner. I'm sure they are, Faye would be an asset to any show.

As I may have mentioned after my first trip to see Faye at the Royal Exchange she has just agreed to take on a FANTASTIC role in an INCREDIBLE musical which has me buzzing with excitement. I can't release any details just yet but trust me you wont be disappointed, so keep checking back to the blog for the big announcement.

She really enjoyed performing in the BBC show Atlantis and would love to do some more TV work. Thankfully she has recently made some contacts which could help make that possible. She clearly has the talent and ability to be equally amazing on screen as she is on stage. 

We talked about various other things - most of which are now a little hazy - before I had to let he go to get ready for the final performance of 'That Day We Sang'.

The show as you already know from the numerous reviews I've featured on the blog is an absolute treasure and I'm looking forward to seeing the TV adaptation later this year but the highlight of my day was definitely my chat with Faye. She probably doesn't realise how much it meant to me but hopefully she'll read this because I'd like her to know how lucky I feel to be a fan of someone as wonderful as her.

She's beautiful inside & out and a star both on & off stage. Thanks Faye, you're the best.

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