Thursday, 29 August 2013

I'm The Luckiest Fan In The World

I had a lot to consider when planning my trip to see The Sound of Music in Regents Park. I obviously had to fit it in between a busy work schedule, holidays and other commitments but I also had to consider when would be the best time to see Faye and what the weather might be.

I also wanted it to fall as close to Faye's Birthday on 3rd September as possible because I'd planned on killing two birds with one stone and giving her a present at the stage door after the show.

So after much deliberation I plumped for the Monday 26th August.

Checking the weather in the days leading up to my trip it seemed I had struck lucky because there was no sign of rain. So all appeared good until I read a ' Get Well Soon' tweet sent to Faye from a fellow cast member.

I contacted Faye and discovered that she had been off few a few days with a back injury picked up during the show and that although she was on a cocktail of drugs and receiving daily physio there had been little improvement.

This unfortunately meant she would not be in the show when I visited on Monday 26th and therefore she also wouldn't be at the stage door afterwards.

I'm sure you're now wondering why I'm the 'Luckiest Fan in the World' because that news could be considered unfortunate at best and for me closer to heartbreaking.

However, Faye could obviously tell I was disappointed and made me the remarkably generous offer to meet me after her morning physio session at Euston Station.

I was and still am completely blown away by this incredibly kind gesture because I'm pretty sure there aren't many stars that would put themselves out like that just so as a fan has the opportunity to say hello.

We actually chatted for about 1/2 hour about her injury, The Sound of Music, other roles she'd auditioned for, Atlantis and her future plans. It was a special moment I'll never forget and I can't thank her enough.

She missed out on some roles for being too beautiful but if you've had the good fortune of meeting Faye this wont surprise you at all.

It's difficult to explain just how much her act of kindness meant to me. It was such a lovely thing to do and I feel lucky to be a fan of such a wonderful person.

Faye is a very active person and loves performing so she's understandably feeling a bit down having to miss so many shows. She is also still in quite a bit of pain despite the drugs and physio so I'd like everyone to make a wish that she'll be back to full health very soon.

The show itself was every bit as fantastic as the reviews suggested. It was beautifully acted out in a magical setting but I still couldn't help feeling short changed knowing it would have been so much better if there wasn't one very important super talented cast member missing.

I would of course have loved to see Faye perform - it was the reason I purchased the ticket in the first place - and there is still a chance I may be able to squeeze in another visit before The Sound of Music closes on September 14th. However, all that matters right now and all I really care about is that Faye is feeling better soon.


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