Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Faye's Precious Mulberry Bayswater Designer Handbag For Sale

You currently have an amazing one off opportunity to own one of Faye's most treasured possessions and grab yourself a real bargain in the process.

Her precious 'Mulberry Bayswater Designer Handbag' which was purchased during her time as Elle Woods on the Legally Blonde Tour is now up for grabs on EBay, with the proceeds going to charity.

So many good things have happened to Faye over the past few years that she really wanted to give something back to a good cause.


"A Mulberry icon, the Bayswater is a timeless and classic style that celebrates the very best of understated and exquisite leather craft. It proudly features the signature postman’s lock closure, and has a soft, brushed interior, showcasing the exceptional level of leather quality. A bag for all occasions. Interior belted sides can be adjusted to give more space inside."

It's in excellent condition and as you can see you can 'Buy It Now' for £600 or take a chance in the auction with bids starting from £400.

It was originally purchased for double that and when you consider it belongs to one of the brightest young stars in the UK today, I think you'll agree it's an absolute bargain.

This bag has been through a lot with Faye over the past couple of years and she'd like it to go to a special home. Get your bids in now and it could be yours.

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