Friday, 5 April 2013

Question For Faye - #17

 I hope you guys all had a lovely Easter and allowed yourself to indulge in as many chocolate eggs as possible.

Time for another 'Question For Faye' and ironically it ties in rather nicely with the exciting news I mentioned a week or 2 ago.

I'm afraid you'll still have to wait to find out exactly what that is but here is what Faye had to say when I asked her about her future last autumn.

Question #17
What are your plans after Sleeping Beauty? Do you have anything lined up? How are auditions going?

Faye's Answer
I'm currently auditioning for everything, TV, Film, West End Gigs Etc. The worlds my oyster.

Well I'm very happy to say that one of those auditions paid dividends but you'll have to be patient a little while longer to find out which : -)

Are there any clues in her latest tweet?

@Faye_Brookes Good Morning April . . . . ermmm it's still dark. Oh yeah that's because it's 5am and action. x 

Well, we know that it's April *someone please tell the weather*, she's an early riser, and that it's still dark at 5am ;) 

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