Sunday, 17 March 2013

Legally Blonde - There! Right There!

When is winter going to take the hint, surely it's time for some warmer weather. It was sub zero temperatures when I chatted to Faye after Sleeping Beauty back in early December, it was snowing when I went again at the end of January for the final show and although we're only 2 weeks from April, we are still barely getting above freezing now.

Hopefully this is winters last hurrah.

Faye is currently yo-yoing between Manchester and London but as I mentioned before, musical theatre is a highly competitive business with hundreds of girls going for just a handful of roles. You can only audition for a part when the existing cast member leaves the show and in some cases that can mean years.

So you may have to wait for the chance to go for one of your prefered roles or maybe take a smaller part in a different show and hope there are more opportunities next time you're out of work. You don't just need incredible talent to get a great role, it's also a matter of timing.

@Faye_Brookes Home again... Yay! But no rest for the wicked back to London on Monday x

Personally I think that tweet should read 'No rest for the beautiful and ridiculously talented' because Faye may be many things but I'm pretty sure Wicked isn't one of them.

Next up in our Legally Blonde Tour track recordings is 'There, Right There'. This song probably gets the biggest reaction of all those in the show and has the entire audience in stitches.

Legally Blonde - There, Right There

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