Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Questions For Faye - #15

Faye has been a very busy bee over the past couple of weeks auditioning for new roles in London.

Providing the casting directors have eyes and ears it should be a formality in my opinion but we all know they regularly make mistakes and don't choose the right girl for the part.

I'm keeping everything crossed for some good news soon.

In other news Faye has had to shelve her Bend & Snap routine in favour of more conventional methods of staying in shape:

@Faye_Brookes Gym gym gym gym gym... 👟👟! 

Sounds like hard work but thankfully she is also finding time to relax:

@Faye_Brookes The perfect fix for my late night.... Prosecco bubbles are the best bubbles!

@Faye_Brookes Sunday lunch please...welsh style! x 

Any idea what a Welsh style sunday lunch is? No, me neither. Sounds good though.

Right, it must be time for our next Question For Faye:

Question #15
Would you ever go on any celebrity TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, Dancing on Ice or Big Brother etc?

Faye's Answer
Those shows are great to keep you familiar with the general public - ie. The Fans - and if I had the opportunity to go on a television programme like that I definitely would.

I think of all those shows I'd most like to see Faye on Strictly Come Dancing and based on her exploits as Elle Woods and Princess Aurora I think she would be more than capable of walking away with the Glitter Ball.

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