Friday, 18 January 2013

Sleeping Beauty Vs Snow White

I'm starting to get a little worried because it seems the Gods don't want me to make it to Canterbury to see Faye in the final Sleeping Beauty show on Sunday.

As previously mentioned I live in Bristol and we've been hit by substantial snow fall over the past 12 hours leaving some roads impassable. Unfortunately this is due to continue for most of today with more flurries expected tomorrow.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Canterbury is expected to have significant snow fall over the weekend as well; particularly on Sunday.

With freezing temperatures continuing into next week conditions aren't likely to improve that much.

I'm still hoping I can make it to the Marlowe Theatre to see Faye and the fabulous Sleeping Beauty panto one last time but I don't relish a 400 mile round trip on treacherous roads.

The above picture wasn't taken today but does give a good indication of the chaos this weather can cause.

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