Monday, 21 January 2013

An Emotional Farewell To Beauty

You'll be pleased to know I defied the Gods and braved our arctic weather to complete the 400 mile round trip from Bristol to Canterbury to see Faye in the final Sleeping Beauty show at the Marlowe Theatre.

The show itself was every bit as spectacular as when I saw it back in early December but I want to use this post as a message to Faye because I only got to speak to her briefly before the final performance, as she was making the long trip back home to Manchester that night.

Dear Faye,

It was so lovely to see you again yesterday. Maybe the Gods were shining on me after all because I hadn't planned on meeting up until after the final show, so if I hadn't happened to bump into you heading to town following the matinee I may not have seen you at all.

In truth I hadn't planned it very well because I should have realised you might be travelling home after the final performance and therefore wouldn't have time to chat with fans at the stage door. I hope you made it home safely in these awful conditions and that your Mum had a nice hot cup of tea waiting when you got in.

I never dreamed I'd enjoy the Sleeping Beauty panto as much as I did. As I mentioned to you before I hadn't seen a panto for over 20 years and if someone had said I'd love it almost as much as Legally Blonde I'd have laughed, but I did.

Obviously I prefer the first half to the second because the star of the show - that's you in case you hadn't guest - features far more heavily, but the whole production was incredible and completely changed my view of panto's forever.

The Gangnam Style booty shake will live long in the memory - HILARIOUS - as will the classroom scene, but for different reasons ;)

I thought you were the perfect Elle Woods but the same could be said of Princess Aurora. The role of Beauty was surely made for you.

The final show was just as emotional as you predicted. It was evident that all the cast were struggling to hold back the tears and are clearly going to miss performing in such a wonderful production.

You probably wont be surprised to know I'd actually brought you a couple of gifts. One was a sort of joke present - a memento of your time as Beauty - and the other just a little something I picked up in Canterbury before the show.

The Princess Aurora doll - not quite as beautiful as the real thing and definitely not as talented - was actually ordered online and turned out to be FAR bigger than I expected. I'd actually decided not to give it you in the end anyway because it would have been very awkward for you to have to carry all the way back to Manchester.

The only thing I didn't get to ask which I'm anxious to know is 'What comes next for Faye Brookes?'

I know it's a highly competitive business with often hundreds of girls going for just a handful of roles but it would be a travesty and a MASSIVE loss to musical theatre if you were out of work for long.

Do you have anything lined up or is it audition, audition, audition?

If you could tweet or send me a direct message to let me know I'd be eternally grateful.

I hope you sometimes get chance to read the blog and saw all the glowing reviews of both you and the panto I found online. It seems I'm not the only one who recognises how special you are.

After 96 shows I hope you enjoy a relaxing break but I also hope to see you back on stage very soon.

Best Wishes, Andy xx

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