Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Everyone Loves Faye Brookes

This blog may have only been running for 4 months but even in that short space of time I've posted countless Legally Blonde reviews praising Faye for her spellbinding performances as Elle Woods.

As the tour is now over I thought it would be nice to collate those comments into one blog post as a tribute to our favourite Malibu princess.

“The real star of the show, however, is Faye Brookes as Elle Woods. Her powerhouse vocals are perfectly suited for the role, coupled with her fine comedic acting and immense stage presence; one of the finest young actresses in the industry today. It was an absolute delight and pleasure to see such a talented actress in such a demanding role She played it perfectly." 

"As she takes us through act one with songs ‘What You Want, ‘Positive’ and act closer ‘So Much Better’, her full range of vocals are displayed with ease and ability. Her solo 'Legally Blonde' towards the end of act two really allows her to shine as the undeniable star of the show.” 

“A generally impressive cast reveals some stand out performances. Faye Brookes is faultless as the eponymous blonde, Elle Woods, physically perfect and genuinely engaging throughout.” 

“Played with heart and humour by Faye Brookes, Elle defies her own and others’ doubts to excel in the court room and choose the right man, proving that appearances really aren’t everything. Brookes is a name to look out for and with Bill Kenwright behind her, she’ll go far.” 

“Faye Brooks is perfectly cast as the blonde heroine Elle Woods with her uncanny resemblance to the same character in the original film starring Reece Witherspoon. Unlike her celluloid counterpart, Faye is required to sing the majority of numbers in the show while carrying out some intricate and energetic moves. Throw in some acting and dog handling and it results in a performance that is very much the leading lady.” 

“All the cast were great but particular mention has to go to Faye Brookes. You can’t take your eyes off her and it isn’t just the shocking pink outfits.” 

“As is Brooks who makes the role of Elle her own and receives huge appreciation, richly deserved, from the audience as a result.” 

“As for Faye, well the sky’s the limit. Any show would be lucky to have her and any audience privileged to see her perform.” 

“Faye Brooks, as lead role Elle Woods, was fantastic. She embodied the character brought to life on the big screen by Reece Witherspoon and the audience was behind her every step of the way."

 “This is one of her first major roles and I think the West End will be seeing a lot more of Faye Brookes in the future.” 

“The cast is led by the Sensational Faye Brookes who is breathtaking and worth the entrance fee alone but also includes Ray Quinn, Les Dennis and Niki Evans.” 

“Faye Brookes sparkles as the headstrong Elle and is a joy to watch in the role.” 

“Brookes judges her performance to perfection, making Elle both likeable and interesting.” 

“Legally Blonde is a great show but the huge success of the tour is no doubt mainly thanks to the mind-blowing leading lady performance by Faye Brookes.” 

“The touring version of Legally Blonde was every bit as good as its west end counterpart and Faye Brookes the best Elle Woods EVER !!” 

“Her comedic timing is second to none, her voice at times breathtaking, and her facial expressions an absolute treat. There is no doubt that this young actress is a star, and it is almost guaranteed that she has a very fruitful West End, if not Broadway, career ahead of her.”

Someone with Faye’s talent wont be short of offers when her run as Sleeping Beauty ends next January so if by chance this is being read by a producer who is considering her for a role, SIGN HER UP !! You’ll be missing out if you don’t and your loss will be another shows gain.

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