Thursday, 2 August 2012

Faye Might Still Be Away

If you've seen Faye in the show I'm sure you'll all agree she looks stunning as a blonde. However, you can hardly recognise her as the same person when she emerges from the stage door looking even more beautiful as a brunette.

Now it would appear that Judy Riley - who wrote the review I posted yesterday suggesting Faye was back playing Elle - might have just looked at her programme and assumed it was our girl under the wig and make up.

A review I found today written by Stephanie Steward would seem to indicate Faye is still away enjoying a well earned break in Italy with her very own Emmett, Giovanni.

Legally Blonde The Musical sang and danced its way into Milton Keynes Theatre last night with a barrage of pink fluff, pet pooches and stiletto heels.

The lead role of Elle Woods was played by understudy Amy Ross and the actress fitted perfectly into the part, with bleached blonde hair and a smiley, bubbly, butter-wouldn’t-melt persona.

Of course Legally Blonde is still a great show - not quite as great without Faye Brookes but still pretty great - so if you live in the Milton Keynes area why not check it out.

As soon as the real little Miss Woods, Elle - Miss Faye Brookes - returns I'll let you know.

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