Saturday, 2 December 2017

Kate & Rana Exposed

Busted! Kate Connor and Rana Nazir have been unable to resist each other any longer and, after an in depth chat about their feelings when their van broke down in Coronation Street, they headed into the back of the vehicle, where their passionate attraction took hold.

While both are feeling guilty over doing this behind Zeedan’s back, they have fallen in love with each other and Kate understands that it’s not so easy for Rana to come out given how her family would react. However, as things got steamy, another complication unfolded – as Luke Britton opened up the doors to the van and caught them in the act.

Kate and Rana are lost for words as Luke tries to digest what he has seen – and it is going to put Rana in a difficult situation as Luke will argue that Zeedan deserves to know the truth. As Luke tries to force Rana’s hand and puts pressure on him, she assures him that she will do the right thing.

But as it all gets on top of her, she will then blurt out that she is pregnant – and neither Zeedan nor Kate know yet. As this takes Luke by surprise, Rana lies to him that she is going to call off her affair with Kate and concentrate on Zeedan.

But will he believe her? Or will he decide to go over her head and break the shocking news to Zeedan himself?

So, what's next for TV's hottest couple? Plenty more twists and turns ahead I'm sure, and with #Kana trending No.1 on Twitter I know I'm not the only one who can't wait to find out.

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