Tuesday, 21 February 2017

OK! Magazine Interview

Make sure you pick up a copy of this weeks OK Magazine as it features a lovely interview with Faye and Gareth.

GARETH Gates has been dating girlfriend Faye Brookes since 2012, after they met while starring in Legally Blonde.

The talented duo have been forced to have a long-distance romance, as the 29 year old has a starring role on Coronation Street, while the Pop Idol singer is on tour with Footloose.

But the pair opened up about their relationship, and revealed a shock confession.

Speaking exclusively to OK! Magazine, they explained their romance is seriously intense.

"Our relationship's always fiery because there's so much love there and so much passion," the soap star explained.

"And because we have limited time with each other each week, there's an added pressure as we want it to be perfect.

"When you love each other so much, things get heightened. It's amazing."

"We're both quite needy, sensitive people and, as we don't spend every second together, we thrive on needing each other's attention," Gareth explained.

Kym Marsh's co-star admitted jealousy is a part of their relationship – but they only get jealous of other people.

"I think that happens within every relationship. Jealousy finds its way.

"We get jealous of the time we spend with other people; it's not because we don't trust each other.

After returning from a very romantic break to Paris, the lovebirds also explained they had been thinking about their future together.

"When I do ask Faye to marry me, it’ll be a huge surprise to her," the Unchained Melody singer confessed.

"I know Faye likes surprises, so I probably wouldn’t do it at a time she’s expecting it!"

The Kate Connor actress also revealed they were "broody" and planning to start a family together – but not just yet.

She added: "We’re both broody as Gareth’s sisters have both just had babies and we’ve been holding them!

"We’re definitely going to get married and have babies, we’re just not quite there yet."

The pair turned heads as they took to the red carpet at the National Television Awards, earlier this year.

However, while Faye was awarded best newcomer for her Coronation Street role, Gareth had all eyes on him as he showed off a very deep tan.

But the 32 year old proved he had a sense of humour as he made fun of the beauty mishap.

Taking to Twitter, the Footloose star shared a hilarious ‘winner’s rap’ with his 95.3k followers.

Congratulating his girlfriend of four years, while they lay in bed together, he ‘rapped’: “This is my lady, Faye, and she is the winner of the NTA.

“She won best newcomer walking down the [cup], and she looked like a stunner. No baby, you really did. I was like [growls]. You were so special.”

The actress replied: “I have no make up on right now, I’m going to sleep.”

Joking about his fake-tan disaster, he said: “Well I haven plenty of make-up on, so don’t worry about it.”

He finished the tribute off by letting Faye know exactly how he felt about her award win.

“Baby I’m so proud of you, and I know millions of people out there are proud of you. You smashed it tonight.”

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