Monday, 1 February 2016

Pick Your Favourite!

She always looks beautiful but which of these stunning looks is your favourite for Faye?

I've set up a poll just to the right of this post so as you can vote for your favourite. It's just under the welcome message in the blogs side bar.

If you're visiting the blog on your mobile you will need to schroll down to the bottom of the opening page and click on the link marked 'View Web Version' to be able to see the side bar and vote in the poll.

Vote 'A' for Picture 1 (This Morning)
Vote 'B' for Picture 2 (TV Choice Awards)
Vote 'C' for Picture 3 (NTA Awards)
Vote 'D' for Picture 4 (Corrie Xmas Party)

The poll closes on Sunday 14th Feb at 11am.

Almost impossible to choose I know, I love them all.

If I was forced to pick a favourite I'd probably go for 'A' Picture 1 from 'This Morning'. Having said that, I'll more than likely change my mind tomorrow.

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