Monday, 15 February 2016

First Kiss Nerves For Faye & Rhea

Faye was recently interviewed about how she and Corrie co star Rhea Bailey had to overcome their nerves for their first ever lesbian kiss.

As I'm sure you know, the couple play The Streets latest same sex couple, Kate Connor and Caz Hammond.

Here is the article from today's Sun:

NEW CORONATION STREET sex siren Faye Brookes has revealed she was a bag of nerves when she filmed her first ever gay kiss.

Her character, Kate Connor, joined the cobbles in September, followed soon after by actress Rhea Bailey as her soldier fiancée Caz.

And while Faye is an experienced stage actress, she admits playing a lesbian on one of Britain’s biggest soaps was a nerve-racking experience.

She said: “It was the first time I’d ever kissed a girl.

“Both Rhea and I were nervous and we had to talk to each other a lot.

“It was the first day I had ever met Rhea too. We read the scripts together first but that was nothing compared to having to actually kiss her.

“There were hands everywhere. Luckily, we had a chemistry.”

Coronation Street has led the way for gay characters in soaps and Faye is proud to carry on the tradition.

She said: “We wanted to make it believable, real and loving.

“I was really glad that Rhea was open to whatever I had to say and I was all ears to her ideas.”

But Faye need not have worried about the scene as she found it easier than kissing a male actor.

Faye, who has been with boyfriend Gareth Gates for three years, said: “In some ways it was easier than kissing a guy. I loved how open she was. I’ve kissed loads of guys on stage and this was very different. We got a really positive reaction from viewers.”

And Faye revealed that singer-turned-stage star Gareth — currently touring in musical Footloose — is not jealous of her smooches with Rhea, because he has to kiss his leading ladies too. 

She said: “Gareth has been very supportive. We both work in an industry where we have to kiss people, and he is so proud. So proud. 

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman, it’s work.” 

While the Corrie lovers are preparing for their on-screen wedding in April, Faye exclusively revealed there is trouble ahead as Caz turns abusive. But could there soon be wedding bells for Faye and Gareth? 

She said: “This is all Kate, this isn’t Faye. I’m not getting married any time soon.”

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