Monday, 9 November 2015

Faye Is Loving Life On The Cobbles!

Here is another lovely interview with Faye taken from the STV website.

She talks about how much she's loving life on Corrie, tells us more about her character Kate and even sneaks in a Shrek link, comparing the Connor's to onions. :)

Corrie’s Faye Brookes talks Kate's feisty side and Connor clashes

The new members of the Connor family have certainly stirred things up on Coronation Street, not least Kate, whose feisty attitude caused a few run-ins at Underworld in the last few weeks.

But who is Kate underneath her tough girl exterior? Faye Brookes, who plays the character, tells us more, as we’re about to see Kate’s fiancĂ©e Caz arrive in town, as the ladies plan their upcoming wedding.

How’s Kate settling into Coronation Street at this point?
I think the change has done her some good, I don’t think she had a strong sense of purpose whilst she was away in Spain and in Weatherfield she has a base, in the factory, even if she was reluctant at first to be a part of it.

I think perhaps her dad thinks the move to Weatherfield and her helping in the factory might ground her a little and give her a purpose, but how much she wants to be there is a mystery!

I think Kate looks up to Michelle and Carla as sisters and motherly figures. They are paving the way for her, leading her to something new - be it in the Rovers, or in the factory, or elsewhere. But I do think this move closer to the rest of her family and back on home turf will be the making of her.

How is Faye settling into Coronation Street?
So well. I love it here, everyone is so nice. It’s such a team effort at Corrie - everyone pulls together to make this fantastic programme and it’s great to be a part of. It’s amazing to be here - everyone is genuinely so nice!

What can you tell us about Kate and Caz’s relationship?
With any relationship that is long distance, it’s going to be difficult. They have an intense relationship when they see each other because they don’t know when they’ll get time together again! They’ve been together seven months and they’re already engaged. Kate is very wary of being under the thumb or being controlled in any way - she likes to have her own mind.

Why does she confide in Michelle about how intense their relationship is?
Kate feels close to Michelle and she is relishing that female friendship and guardianship because she’s never had it. So she feels comfortable enough to be honest with Michelle.

How keen is Kate on a wedding?
Well, she has a ring on her finger and she’s set the date, so a part of her must be keen! I think she is getting cold feet, though... I think she’s passive. I think she knows her dad really wants this wedding to happen, and because Kate is such a daddy’s girl then she wants to make him happy.

Has she always struggled to work alongside Johnny and Aidan?
Kate and Aidan have that typical sibling rivalry and they bicker - she winds him up and he winds her up, both in jest and to the point where they infuriate each other!

I think Kate is a daddy’s girl and maybe that annoys Aidan. While he’s older than her and I think Kate likes to think she’s wiser than him. With her dad, Johnny is really keen for Kate to get into the family business but I think he knows Kate isn’t, or initially wasn’t, so interested.

What’s it like working on the Underworld set?
It’s great because of the people I get to work with and the characters that you find in the factory - the likes of Beth and Kirk, who Kate has so much fun with. It’s great because that’s where the Connors are based, it’s their turf, and I like that and I like being part of the Connor family in there, having those roots.

What’s the best thing about playing a Connor?
I love it, I really do. I’ve been so lucky to come into such a strong family. Every single one of the Connors are great - I always say we’re like onions, they all have so many layers to them. I’m really grateful to have that - and that’s the best thing about playing a Connor, is being part of a wider network and of a strong family. They might not always be close, or see eye to eye, but they’ll always stand up for one another and look out for each other.

What kind of reaction have you had?
She’s quite feisty and there’s definitely a bit of rivalry between her and Aidan, hopefully people will see that it’s just sibling bickering! Kate is fun though, I hope people like the mischief she might cause in the factory.

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