Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A Look Back at Birmingham

Where does the time go?

The last 4 weeks have flown by and tomorrow Faye and her fairytale friends head back to Scotland on the next leg of their UK and Ireland tour in Glasgow.

Before they do we'll take a final look back at what the fans and critics in Birmingham thought of our favourite Princess.

"Princess Fiona isn’t your average one dimensional fairytale princess – she’s feisty, temperamental and a little crazed after being locked in a tower for 20 years, and Faye Brookes played her with great comedic sass. She has a stunning voice and I particularly loved her performance of ‘I Know It’s Today’; a cleverly choreographed piece for which she was joined by an infant and teenage Fiona."

The wit was there along with impeccable comic timing which combined to make Fiona a different brand of damsel entirely."

"On Faye Brookes last visit to Birmingham we described her performance as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde as faultless, and nothing has really changed as Princess Fiona. She is just superb - sassy, bossy, a bit vulnerable underneath the feisty image, and what a voice."

"Faye Brookes was outstanding as Princess Fiona, the classic fairytale princess with a refreshing hint of sarcasm and anger. To my delight, her powerful voice was given room to shine in numbers like I Know It's Today and Morning Person."

"Meanwhile, Faye Brookes was a fantastically feisty and funny Fiona, with great comedy timing and a belter of a voice on songs including I Know It’s Today and Morning Person."

"Faye Brookes who played Fiona had immaculate stage presence, her energy never dipped as she portayed the fiesty Fiona as a strong sassy princess. Fiona is a character famous for being played by celebrities such as Amanda Holden and Kimberley Walsh but Faye Brookes blew them out of the water. Her flawless singing and vivacity created an exceptional performance."

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