Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Waring & McKenna

You no doubt all follow Faye on Twitter / Facebook and have probably seen her IMDB page but have you the visited Waring & McKenna website to check out her CV?

It lists all her work in theatre and TV and also features a short video of one of her many great scenes from Our Zoo.


You might think being the agent of someone as talented as Faye is an easy job and to a certain extent that is true. Faye is an incredibly beautiful and gifted actress that any show would be lucky to have. However, it is a highly competitive business and Waring & McKenna have done excellent work helping her secure some fantastic roles.

Of course you can only tell so much from someone's CV. What is doesn't say is just how sensational Faye has been in every single role she's played.

That's where the blog comes in. We make sure everyone knows just how special Faye is.

Hopefully potential employers might visit the site and if they do they'd surely be impressed with the endless dazzling reviews from critics and fans that all adore this exceptional young actress.

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