Sunday, 1 February 2015

It's Snowing Outside The Swamp!

Her Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen looks magnificent but maybe a little spooky glowing Shrek green in the picture above.

It's a large, recently refurbished Edwardian theatre that seats over 1400 people and it's been packed to bursting point since Shrek, Fiona and the fairytale gang came to town.

It's the end of week two in Aberdeen but Faye and her co stars will be back on stage Tuesday night for the extra performance squeezed in to cope with the overwhelming demand for tickets.

That of course means only one day off for Faye and a final week consisting of 9 shows. An incredible effort from all the cast, makes me tired just thinking about it.

As you can see from Faye's tweet above, snow has arrived in Aberdeen and there is more forecast over the next few days. Hopefully though, not so much that the eight lorries that will transfer the swamp to Canterbury in a weeks time aren't able to travel because I'm due to see the show at the Marlowe Theatre on Friday 13th Feb.

I hope booking for Friday 13th doesn't come back to haunt me!

There are still a few tickets available for performances at Her Majesty's Theatre this week, so if you live anywhere near Aberdeen make sure you book to see this fantastic show and it's special Princess before it's too late.


 If you've already seen it, why not go again, you know you want to ;)

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