Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Feisty, Highly Strung & Slightly Nutty!

Almost every Shrek review I've read since the show started last July comment on Faye's perfect portrayal of the slightly bi-polar Princess. She is everything you want from a Fiona, witty, feisty and extremely funny.

Words can only go some way to describing just how wonderful Faye's performance is. Make sure you book tickets to see her in Shrek because it's the only way you'll truly understand just how special she is.

I'm currently working on a new blog post called 'The Faye Brookes Rollercoaster" which I intend to publish during Shrek Tour's 10 day break between Canterbury and Newcastle.

Intrigued? Well I'll give you a clue, it's not a new ride at Alton Towers :)

I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next week to find out more.

With Faye about to start her final week at the Marlowe Theatre tonight there's just enough time for another glowing review.

This one was written by a 'Kent Online' reporter who saw the show on 15th February:

Shrek The Musical at the Marlowe Theatre

Winter blues were banished far, far away when the cast of Shrek the Musical took to the stage for the first time at the Marlowe Theatre in an explosion of colour, music and fun.

From the start expectations were high.

Grouchy ogre Shrek and his odd-bod gang of fairytale pals are familiar characters in our house.

We’ve watched all four animated films many times and these are a hard act to follow. But we were not disappointed as this show delivers in big and colourful bucket loads.

In every scene we’re treated to a big belter song and dance numbers that keep the story moving along at a good pace.

David Lindsay-Abaire’s lyrics are clever and witty and are set to an uplifting score that often captures the sound of Motown.

Choreography is camp and funny - the tap dancing rats got a good laugh – and add to the energetic feel of the whole production.

The stage setting and costumes are excellent.

The characters literally step out of a large book of fairytales, Lord Farquaad’s tall tower certainly does show he’s compensating for something, and the dragon’s lair for just a second does feel a bit creepy.

Costumes are loud and proud, particularly for Farquaad and his men, and the massive amorous dragon is fabulous with the smooth voice of a soul diva to match.

Dean Chisnall plays Shrek as we want to see him - green and Scottish of course and with a fearsome roar that makes the seats shake, but as the story unfolds so does the ogre’s kind and vulnerable side. Loyal steed Donkey is great fun and actor Idriss Kargbo gives a lively and full on performance.

Princess Fiona is not your usual insipid fairytale princess. She’s feisty, highly strung and slightly nutty and Faye Brookes plays her perfectly.

Lord Farquaad was a favourite for me. The brilliantly flawed character is hilarious.

Mincing about the stage with his tiny prop legs – actor Steffan Harri did the whole show on his knees – and high kicking to some big numbers, the vertically challenged Farquaad is a scene stealer.

Climaxing with the song I’m A Believer, Shrek the Musical is an uplifting show which can really put a smile on your face, but at its heart this show does more than entertain.

The heart-warming moral of the story is that it’s okay to be different, that we should love ourselves for who we are, warts and all, and as Shrek says to Fiona you don’t have to be pretty to be beautiful. All say ahhh now!

Littered with laugh-out-loud moments and the odd fart joke or two (well, they are ogres) this show is a must-see.

Great for families, the children will love it almost as much as their parents. Don’t miss it!

Shrek The Musical is at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre until Sunday, March 1. Tickets cost from £24. Visit

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