Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Faye's off to Bonnie Scotland!

After a well earned break Faye will be off to Bonnie Scotland tomorrow for the next stop on Shrek the Musical's UK Tour.

Hopefully she's had a relaxing week off and has managed recharge her batteries before she makes the long trip north to Aberdeen.

Thankfully she and Gareth managed to get away for a few days to a beautiful and idyllic setting overlooking the German Alps.

As you can see the view was simply breathtaking. There really are some incredibly beautiful places on this planet and that would definitely be one of them.

However, they have to holiday in some pretty special locations just to beat the spectacular panoramic view they get at home.

The picture below was taken last Saturday from their London apartment.

In the highest room, In the tallest tower, You'll find. . . . .

It's now back to work for our favourite Princess and a return to his homeland for our friendly ogre. Dean's Scottish accent will be put to the test as the show ventures north of the border for the first time.

Faye and her wonderful Shrek co stars will be entertaining audiences at Her Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen between Wednesday, 21st January and Sunday, 8th February.

Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets they've had to squeeze in an extra performance on Tuesday 3rd February. The Scots clearly don't want to miss their opportunity to see the UK's finest actress on stage. 

I visited Aberdeen during my own tour of the Scottish Highlands about 7 years ago. However, that was in mid summer and surprisingly for Scotland most days were sunny and hot.

Unfortunately for Faye I don't think they'll be any need for sun cream during her stay in the granite city. She'll need to pack her winter woolies because temperatures rarely get above freezing there in January and there is regular snowfall and strong coastal winds.

Looks like she's preparing well though because she and Gareth were at the health clinic today for a pre Aberdeen vitamin boost.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who's the fairest of them all. . . . . . 
If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies. . . . . . .

Hopefully it helps keep them both fit and well through these cold winter month's.

Have to say, they're looking super stylish in the picture above and I think I'm in love with Faye's coat. Probably wouldn't look as good on me though :) 

I'm not sure whether they'll be there this time of year but I was lucky enough to watch a group of Dolphins playing near the harbour during my holiday in Aberdeen. Apparently it's one of the best places to see Dolphins in Europe.

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