Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tweets from Shrek Fans in Manchester!

Some of us have only just finished off our turkeys but remarkably Faye has already completed 6 shows since Christmas. In fact it's the busiest part of the tour for the Shrek tour cast because there are extra matinee performances over the festive season and the 25th is the only day they get off between the 15th and 31st December.

It's amazing how they still manage to deliver such fantastic, high energy performances night after night with such a tiring schedule. They all deserve massive credit.

As you know, I've featured a lot of wonderful glowing reviews of Shrek the Musical, all of which praise Faye for her sensational performance as Princess Fiona. However, to make a change I thought I'd post a collection of tweets from Shrekies who have seen the show since it arrived at the Palace Theatre in Manchester just 4 weeks ago:

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