Sunday, 14 December 2014

Faye's Tour Questions - Part 4

If it wasn't for my heavy cold and sinusitis I would be well on my way to Manchester now, excitedly looking forward to my eighth trip to the swamp and a Christmas chat with Faye. Unfortunately, due to my illness, my trip has been delayed.

Thankfully I managed to exchange my tickets for Saturday 20th December so I don't have too long to wait and am now starting to feel a little better every day, so hopefully I'll be back to full health come next weekend.

I thought now was probably a good time to post the final part of 'Faye's Tour Questions'.

Here Faye tells us how playing Elle Woods was a dream role for her and that she would consider doing another tour but it would have to be a special show. We also hear how a couple of Legally Blonders have swapped Delta Nu for Dagenham.

Tour Question #10
What are your favourite tour memories from Legally Blonde or Shrek?

Faye's Answer
My favourite memories from the Legally Blonde tour was the pure joy I felt from playing the role of Elle. I absolutely loved being Elle Woods.

I was also very lucky to have met my whole world on that job. He is now my EVERYTHING!

Tour Question #11
Other than Gareth, do you keep in touch with anyone from the Legally Blonde tour? 

Faye's Answer
Of course, everyone who I met while doing the Legally Blonde tour continues to work in the same industry, so it's often that our paths cross. 

Tracey Penn and Sophie Isaacs are now apearing in 'Made in Dagenham' together so I will hopefully get the chance to go and support them very soon.

Tour Question #12
What are the chances of you doing another tour in the future?

Faye's Answer
I would really love to do another tour but I think it would have to be a very special show for me to be apart of. 


Or maybe if the job included playing opposite my lovely man I would definitely be on board!

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