Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bring Back Our Zoo!

It might be a long shot but please sign the Chester Chronicles online petition to bring back Our Zoo for a second series.

How the BBC came to the absurd decision to cancel this fantastic show is quite frankly unfathomable.


Executive Editor Michael Green

We are urging everyone to sign our online petition demanding the BBC changes its mind and commissions a second series of the wonderful TV drama Our Zoo.

The six-part series which ran in September and October captured the hearts of everyone who saw it and even the BBC itself said at the time they considered it a long-term prospect which would take the story of the Mottershead family and the creation of Chester Zoo into the years of the Second World War.

The combination of heartwarming drama and gentle animal-based humour reminded viewers with long memories of the much-loved series All Creatures Great and Small which ran for 12 years from 1978.

The big difference is that All Creatures was shown at family friendly times at the weekend while Our Zoo was broadcast at the ridiculous time of 9pm on Wednesdays – a slot normally occupied by harrowing thrillers like The Fall and The Missing.

Even with this formidable obstacle to overcome, the show never fell below five million viewers and regularly beat ITV’s Scott and Bailey – which was shown at the same time – in the ratings war.
Very few TV dramas truly hit their stride in the first season and Our Zoo simply has not been given the chance to build on what was a very solid foundation.

This show has the potential to become an all-time classic – something which would have enormous benefits for the zoo, for Chester and for the Upton community.

Sign our petition today and let’s see if we can force the BBC to think again.

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