Sunday, 30 November 2014

Faye's Tour Questions - Part 3

It's been another busy week on the blog but I'm going away for a few days from tomorrow morning so I probably wont be able to post again until Thursday or Friday.

However before I go I wanted to leave you with Part 3 of Faye's Tour Questions.

Here Faye talks about her amazing experiences performing at some of the UK's most iconic venues, how every tour destination offers a new challenge and that the hardest part of her job is being away from Gareth.

Tour Question #7
What would be your favourite three theatres that you've performed at and why? Do you prefer modern theatres or older historic buildings?

Faye's Answer
I could easily name two. I LOVED the Royal Exchange Theatre I performed at last Christmas in 'That Day We Sang'. (AMAZING!) I was also very lucky to have performed in the uniquely special surroundings of The Open Air Theatre in Regents Park with 'The Sound of Music'.

I do love the older historic buildings, especially when you can see pictures of some of the incredible people who have performed there before you.That makes your experience there even more special.

Tour Question #8
What are some of the best things about being on tour?

Faye's Answer
For me I think it's all the different challenges you encounter at each and every venue we perform in. So many different variable, everything from the size of the theatre to the type of audience that we find there.

Of course I also love meeting all the lovely new people in each City that we visit.

Tour Question #9
What are some of the worst things about being on tour?

Faye's Answer
Sinple answer this one. I love my job but it does take you away from you loved ones for long periods of time.

The worst thing for me is not being on tour with Gareth.

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