Friday, 21 November 2014

Faye's Tour Questions - Part 2

Amazingly there have been eight blog posts since I featured Part 1 of Faye's Tour Questions just a week ago, so I think it's high time we moved on to Part 2.

Here we discover it's not Red Bull (Elle Woods) or coffee (Princess Fiona) that helps Faye deliver such incredible energetic performances.

She also tells us why it's always nice to be back up north and how she's learnt to cope with life on tour.

Tour Question #4
Is it very tiring being on tour, particularly all the travelling? How do you keep your energy up? Red Bull or 6 cups of coffee?

Faye's Answer
It is extremely exhausting being on tour. If you can tour I think you can do ANYTHING. 

I learnt very quickly how to cope on the Legally Blonde tour but if all else fails. . . . . . .

These are my little life savers.

Tour Question #5
This being your second touring show you must have seen a lot of towns and cities across the UK. What are your favourite destinations and why?

Faye's Answer
I think it's amazing how much of the UK I have actually seen now having done the Legally Blonde tour and we're so lucky with the Shrek tour because it's doing all the major theatre venues.

BUT, I cannot wait to go back to Manchester. I'll be at the Palace theatre and I used to usher there when I was at college.

I love being at any northern venue because it gives me the chance to be nearer to my family.

Tour Question #6
Other than the show are there any differences between the Shrek tour and the one you did with Legally Blonde?

Faye's Answer
I learnt an awful lot and VERY quickly on the Legally Blonde tour.

How to tour. How to pack for the tour. What to expect and be prepared for at every new venue.

It's a very personal thing.

You have to do the things that are best for you and make you happy because you just won't enjoy the experience if you don't.

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