Saturday, 15 November 2014

Faye's Tour Questions - Part 1

Although I've usually planned what I'd like to say when I've arranged to meet up with Faye at a show, it often goes completely out of my head as soon as she appears from the stage door.

To be honest I seem to have a hard job remembering my own name when she's around.

I was therefore delighted when Faye said that she would be more than happy to answer any questions I might have if I sent her an email. Needless to say I came up with far to many so I've split them into sections, 'Tour', 'Shrek', 'TV' and 'Everything Else'.

First up are the 'Tour Questions'. Faye was kind enough to answer quite a few and gave some wonderful detailed answers, so I've decided to post two or three at a time.

Tour Question #1
What is the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner routine for Princess Fiona and do you have to change your diet when you're on tour?

Faye's Answer
I am very strict with what I eat when I'm in a show. I eat like an athlete when I'm working, making sure I eat slowly releasing energy foods and letting my body digest everything I give it before I do a show.

Breakfast can sometimes be a juice but if there is no time to make it, EGGS.

Lunch is always simple but filling because then I'll want to eat something light for dinner. I love fish and lots of wholesome soups.

I also like putting together really healthy salads that have protein and pulses to help keep my body working.

Tour Question #2
Do all the cast stay in the same hotel, various hotels or bed and breakfast guest houses and do you get to choose where you stay?

Faye's Answer
We all have to find our own accommodation when we're on tour. It's up to you where you stay.

I like to be on my own, self serviced apartments give me the chance to cook my own food and live a bit like I would at home. 

I think it's also healthy for me to separate myself from the show when I'm not at work. That way I can return feeling focused, well rested and refreshed.

Tour Question #3
Do all the cast have to make their own way to each destination on the tour? If so, what transport do you usually use and do the company pay for your travel costs?

Faye's Answer
We all get given an allowance for travel and you can spend it how you like. 

Some people choose to drive to the tour venues, some of the cast are really good friends and often share cars. Most of us, myself included, usually gets trains.

We all live in different parts of the country so we all have to organise ourselves getting from A to B.

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