Sunday, 5 October 2014

Beautiful Princess Spotted in New York!

The beautiful picture above was taken this week in New York where Faye and Gareth are enjoying a lovely break as part of a Birthday surprise for his sister Jessica.

These guys always look stunning, particularly together.

Judging by some of Gareth's tweets it certainly sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time & Jess will have a 21st to remember.


Before the Shrek tour moves on to Belfast on Wednesday lets look back to Nottingham and see why the critics thought Faye was the perfect Princess Fiona.

Faye Brooks performance of the Princess Fiona different ages encapsulated not only Princess’ but women of today waiting for Prince Charming, I was very amused.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite princess, played by Faye Brookes, clearly enjoys her role, gradually falling for our straightforward ogre hero, who’s tasked with rescuing her from the tower.

Faye Brooks is Princess Fiona and what a great stage persona she has, instantly likeable, the kind of Princess who doesn't mind having a laugh and a joke with the lads. Proving that she can be a token lad as well in the scene where she and Shrek vie to who has had the hardest childhood.

The actors must also have credit where credit is due. Shrek and Fiona (Dean Chisnall and Faye Brookes respectively) were both impressive; humorous with the drop of lonesomeness which comes from their saddened existences. Both also pack a fierce punch vocally, although Brookes clearly has the outline of a trained Broadway singer (easily projecting her voice into the power ballads of the higher register numbers).

Chisnalls Shrek and Faye Brookes Princess Fiona are magical. Gorgeous chemistry, with just the right amount of prickliness and compassion on both sides. Like Chisnall Brookes was born to be on the stage, masterfully combining the complicated singing, dancing, acting and script of this whopping production.

Faye Brookes is perfectly cast as the bipolar Princess. Wonderful expressive acting backed up by superb vocals and some rather impressive dancing.

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