Sunday, 24 August 2014

'Please Make My Day'

I’m hoping Faye might have time in her very busy schedule to meet for a cup of tea while she’s in my home city of Bristol.

I would love the opportunity to chat to her in more detail about her career so far, Shrek, the Ice Bucket Challenge, her latest TV role and her hopes for the future.

I’m currently going a bit bipolar, anxiously waiting for her response to an email I sent her on Friday.

So much so that I've rewritten one of my favourite songs from Shrek the Muscial. This is my version of ‘I know It’s Today’

There’s a fan
In his bedroom
Oh my gosh, that's just like me
Poor old Andy
Needs a haircut
But he can’t leave his PC

Skip ahead, skip ahead.
He’s waiting for an email, from a superstar
She’s a very gifted bowler, but doesn’t drive a car?

But I hope, she’ll agree
Because she’d make this fan so happy
I believe it would be the best day of his whole year
I’ll take her out, for a tea
And some cake cause it’s her Birthday
It won't be long now, hopefully

Day number 3

Please make my day, oooo
Please make my day, oooo
Please make my day, oooo
Please make my day, oooo

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