Friday, 22 August 2014

My Bristol Shrek Adventure - Part 1

Yesterday I made my way to the Bristol Hippodrome for the first of three Shrek shows I'm booked to see over the next 3 weeks.

Obviously I was hoping to catch up with Faye afterwards and having seen the forecast I went prepared with my brolly. Which fitted nicely into the gift bag carrying Faye's birthday chocolates.

I sailed into Bristol - not literally - and was in my seat with 20 minutes to spare.

You already know pretty everything there is to know about this Shrek-tacular show from the reviews I've featured on the blog but what they don't say is that it's getting even better.

It was fantastic when I saw it in Leeds but now - 4 weeks on - they've taken it to a whole new level.

The cast have really settled into their roles and the subtle changes they've made to their performance work perfectly. The numerous funny scenes are now even more hilarious.

Faye - who was sensational in Leeds - was simply breathtaking last night. An absolutely mind blowing performance. Her portrayal of Princess Fiona is simply out of this world.

Not only is she an exceptional actress but she is also blessed with truly incredible vocals. I could happily listen to her sing all day. The most beautiful voice I've ever heard, period.

After the show I headed to the stage door to meet the lady herself and surprisingly there was no sign of the heavy rain they'd forecast.

I didn't have to wait too long before she came out, still trying to clean her skin of the green ogre paint she has on in the final scene of the show.

The chocolates I gave her were originally meant for my trip to Leeds but it was SO hot back then I was worried they'd melt. I therefore arranged for good luck flowers instead, meaning the chocolates turned into an early Birthday present.

Faye's Birthday is actually September 3rd but princesses start their celebrations well in advance.

 ·  Aug 17
: is it your birthday Hun?? Xx” 


We talked a bit about the show and how they've somehow managed to improve on perfection since Leeds. She's loving being part of such a spectacular musical.

They are doing 8 shows a week though which is understandibly tiring and they sometimes need a bit of physio to help with aches and pains. A lot of work and effort goes into the incredible show we see on stage.

She also said how much she enjoys being in Bristol, which was nice to hear given it's my home City.

Faye had booked a taxi to take her to her temporary home in Clifton so I couldn't keep her chatting for too long but I'm hoping to have the opportunity to see her a at least couple more times before the show heads to Nottingham.

No sooner had we said our goodbyes and her taxi was about to pull off I realised my brolly was still in the gift bag with her chocolates. Luckily I just managed to catch them. Had I not I expect Faye would have thought a well used umbrella was a rather stange Birthday present.

I'm already looking forward to my next Hippodrome trip on Sunday 31st. CAN'T WAIT

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