Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Backstage With Princess Fiona!!

After another dazzling performance on stage, Faye gave a couple of lucky little princesses a backstage tour at the Leeds Grand theatre last week.

They loved the show so much it inspired them to write the wonderful little poem below about their Shrektacular day in Duloc and the swamp.

Yesterday, we went to see SHREK,
It was SO grrrreat, flipping ek.

The singing was ACE the dancing was too,
WONDERFUL settings and costumes too.

After the show we went back stage,
With Princess Fiona, who'd stepped down off the page.

The Dragon was sitting pretty there in the wings,
With lots of props and MAGICAL things.

SOOOO much of everything goes into a show,
Which we THOROUGHLY enjoyed, but I think you know.

THANK YOU to all, the Cast and Crew,
We thought you were GREAT.

A round of APPLAUSE... for EACH of YOU

As you can see from the picture above the poem, they even made friends with the Dragon; who never misses a photo opportunity.

This last picture gives you a sneak peak of Faye's dressing room at the Leeds Grand Theatre.

Lots of lovely flowers and cards wishing her good luck in her fantastic new role, along with some essential princess snacks like maltesers and M&M's :)

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